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Search-and-rescue (SAR) missions demand several special capabilities to succeed in fighting against multiple strong forces, such as injuries, hazards and time.

Nature is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Once unleashed natural forces can destroy grand landscapes and cities within minutes. In the aftermath of natural disasters, a great problem is that decision makers lack information about the dimension and extent of the damage on which they can base their decisions birdpilot UAVs close the information gap between the unknown and the known. Panic and chaos make the detailed investigation impossible. Personnel risks or difficulties to reach locations block gathering detailed information.

Time is an important factor for reducing emotional distress and saving resources. Imagine the time needed to check house by house for missing people in post-earthquake or high tide situations. Using infra-red cameras on the birdpilot UAV for locating missing people by generating a infra-red map, which is a powerful tool for the aide on ground. The birdpilot UAVs can be used right after arriving at the scene deployed in no time anywhere, even at night when other means fail. On the other side applying helicopters is highly expensive and mostly restricted to weather conditions like fog.

In the case of severe car accidents, the area of the event is often difficult to pinpoint on highways. The number of injured people challenging hazards such as leaking gas, blazing fire are not exactly known. Involved people often cannot report themselves objectively because of shock, traumata or injuries. Panic and chaos need to be avoided and time is a crucial factor. Getting an overview and detecting lost people who came under cars or ran off the highway leaving the crash site is now possible within minutes, by using infrared cameras spotting the danger zone from above. Sensors attached to the birdpilot UAVs can be used for rapid hazard analysis in the case of car accidents including trucks leaking gas or other dangerous goods. birdpilot UAVs enables emergency aid to analyse emissions, acids and hidden fireplaces before dangerous situations run out of control.

birdpilot supports you fighting against time by enabling you to collect insights from the core of the desaster. You are able to base your decisions even more rapidly, based on more detailed information.

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Time is equal to resources, maximise your given resources by using time affected easily to use tools. Getting an overview of a given situation, fast and easy make decisions more precise. Combining the latest UAV technology with one of the best sensors on the market available give you actually the best tool in your hands. Focusing on an easy workflow with the highest possible quality and flexibility at once will be a remarkable change on the possibilities given. A modular system which can be fitted in no time with an SAR Mapping Unit and in the next moment with a high-resolution Zoom Camera or Low-Light Camera all combined in a single high efficient birdpilot Multicopter.

birdpilot Dual Gimbal with IR and Day Light sensor

IR Sensor

  • Highly sensitive IR sensor
  • Resolution of 336p or 640p
  • Pixel pitch of 17 μm
  • Spectral band of 7.5 – 13.5 μm
  • Optimised for birdpilot UAVs
  • Digital detail enhancement
  • Invertable Image
  • 12 color palettes
  • Fast warm-up time

Day Light Sensor

  • Recording with a resolution of up to 4K internally (default at 1080p)
  • FOV equal to IR FOV
  • Low-light mode
  • 12MP high-res images
  • Ultra sharp lens

birdpilot latency-free full HD Wireless video System

  • True full HD 1080P at 60fps
  • Up to several 100 meters range (LOS)
  • Zero latency, real-time video
  • Extremely resilient 5GHz digital link
  • Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS) that fully complies with regulations and automatically selects the best free frequency available
  • Encrypted and secure
  • Sturdy design for harsh conditions
  • Built-in OSD view with embedded MAVLInk-based telemetry
  • Gimbal control over Futaba® S.BUS
  • Plug-and-Fly, ready to operate out of the box
  • DFS support enables multiple free channels, thus boosting robustness

birdpilot 10x zoom with optical image stabilizer gimbal

  • Light Sensitivity standard mode 6 Lux exerted Low-Light mode 3 Lux
  • Optical Zoom 10x exerted zoom 17x
  • onboard Full HD 1080p at 50fps
  • While recording, still images with 24MP are possible
  • HD downlink ready
  • full controll via birdpilot Groundstation
  • advanced Image Stabilization

birdpilot 2-axis Ultra Lightweight camera gimbal

  • Overall weight of 490g with all electronics
  • handcrafted carbon fiber for highest performance
  • internal dimension width of 160mm (to fit Sony A7 Series, Panasonic GH-4 and many more)
  • 2 Custom made Brushless-Motors
  • 360° sliding contacts
  • Designed for cameras up 600g

birdpilot SAR Mapping Unit

  • Standalone onside Mapping solution
  • PPP Algorithm with 1Hz
  • 3 Axes, direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) Fusion Algorithm for Acc, Mag and Gyro
  • Up to 0.5° heading accuracy
  • available for RGB / IR / NDVI
  • Change Detection
  • Volume Calculations
  • Customer Workflows
  • leightweight

birdpilot exclusive

sometimes there is a need for make the existing more efficient and flexible to push the boundaries of the possible for that we have established the “birdpilot exclusive” service.

“birdpilot exclusive” is an service where a network of highly qualified engineers take on the challenge to make the impossible possible

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    birdpilot X-4 Multicopter

    In situations when insights are essential and information is key to suceed – time and money. Don´t waste time on recharging – explore the possibilities with the next generation unmanned aerial vehicles form birdpilot.

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    birdpilot X-8 Multicopter

    Most adaptive for challenging situations where there is the highest need for safety. Our compact Octocopter design gives you the flexibly where you need it the most.

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