X-4 Multicopter

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minutes with IR and dayLight sensor
kg MTOW (maximum take of weight)
minutes with 21MP Photo Camera
tools required change payload


Key Facts
Model X-4 Multicopter
Flight Time 40 – 60 Minutes
MTOW (Payload & Battery Included) under 5kg
Empty weight 1622 g
Max Thrust 10kg
Engine Electric
Sensor Integration QSS (quick swap system)
Battery LongLife Smart Battery with BMS (Battery Management System)
Dimensions Without Propellers LxBxH 555x555x343 mm
With Propellers LxBxH 940x555x433 mm
Diagonal Distance 500mm
Safety Characteristics
Platform Quadcopter
Auto-”Return-to-home” Copter returns home instantly and lands autonomously in case of weak signal or battery
Voltage Barrier Warning Visual LED Warning (also available via ground control in audio)
Max. Lift-Angle (Copter) 35° (reducible if desired)
Upstream / Downstream Limit +/- 6 m/s (reducible if desired)
Max. Yawing speed 150°/s (reducible if desired)
Wind strength Max. 8 m/s
GEO-Fencing Height: 100m | Distance: 300m (extendable optionally if desired)
GPS accuracy vertical: +/- 0,5m | horizontal: +/- 1,5m

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