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For countries worldwide, railways are crucial lifelines for economics and defence. The essential need of efficient infrastructure makes permanent maintenance and protection from vandalism and terrorism highly relevant. Any damages in infrastructure and no long-term maintenance lead to an explosion of costs. Little travel pace and restriction of mobility result in rising cost in each business sector.

Tracking software offers precise locating any damages on railways more efficient than the human eye. Equipped with GPS birdpilot UAVs provide perfect tools to support service teams and construction workers by sending accurate location data of damages instantly. Maintenance can be done before serious problems arise due to pre-assessment with birdpilot UAVs.

Venice expands up to more than 7.000.000 square meter and is one of the greatest cities in human history. How many people would be necessary to map the site and check for damages? Bird´s eye view puts you in the position to scan the entire city of Venice within one day with just one birdpilot UAV deployed with a ground resolution from 7,85cm.

States get to improve transportation infrastructure;
that creates economic development, puts people
back to work and, most important, enhances
safety and improves local communities.

Corrine Brown

System deployed
Day mission
square meter of history preserved


Critical is the precision of the gathered data, by taking the latest production method for the birdpilot UAVs, we can assure you a long life of your birdpilot UAVs. Our goal is to find the solution to suit your professional needs perfectly. Combining the latest UAV technology with the most powerful available sensors on the Market give you actually the best tool in your hands. With this remarkable combination of components make it easy and safe to use the UAV in your professional work. Focusing on a smooth workflow, with the highest possible data quality and flexibility at once, will increase your possibilities. The modular system which can be fitted in no time thanks to the quick swap system with a high-resolution camera and in the next moment with a high-resolution IR sensor or with a combination of highly accurate RTK-GPS in a single high efficient Multicopter.

birdpilot 3D image sensing Unit for infrastructures

  • Position up to 1.5m SBAS CEP
  • PPP Algorithm with 1Hz
  • 3 Axes, direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) Fusion Algorithm for Acc, Mag and Gyro
  • Up to 0.5° heading accuracy
  • RTK GPS available for 2cm accurate data
  • available for RGB / IR / NDVI

birdpilot Photogrmmetric cloud service

  • Accuracy up to 1.5 pixels
  • Point cloud density up to pixel value
  • Output point cloud available in *.PLY, *.LAS or ASCII Format
  • Change detection
  • Volume calculations
  • Custom Workflows

birdpilot exclusive

sometimes there is a need for make the existing more efficient and flexible to push the boundaries of the possible for that we have established the “birdpilot exclusive” service.

“birdpilot exclusive” is an service where a network of highly qualified engineers take on the challenge to make the impossible possible

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    birdpilot X-4 Multicopter

    In situations when insights are essential and information is key to suceed – time and money. Don´t waste time on recharging – explore the possibilities with the next generation unmanned aerial vehicles form birdpilot.

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    birdpilot X-8 Multicopter

    Most adaptive for challenging situations where there is the highest need for safety. Our compact Octocopter design gives you the flexibly where you need it the most.

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