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In the construction sector, unmanned aerial systems can bring a huge benefit to your business, by analysing a site from above or using live footage from birdpilot UAVs, to overview the site and indicate damages in real time at a minimum of cost. UAVs can automatically generate and collect which can be used for mapping to access a broad range of users working on particular construction tasks.

The ideal tool for monitoring progress on construction sites is using a programmed flight path with high accuracy and minimised effort. Architects and construction planners can reduce the time at the development site, employees or subcontractors create a picture in real-time of the building progress enabling you to monitor and take decisions right out of the office, alone or together with the client on the conference table. You don´t even need to go to the construction site anymore or with the state of the art augmented reality; you can inspect construction progress in skyscrapers from birds view intuitively while sitting on ´the chair in your office.

The Eiffel tower in the city of Paris contains about 60 tonnes of colour and more than 2.5 millions of stakings. With more than 20.000 light bulbs the tower appears like a diamond at night. Using four copters, one for each side, you can scan the entire tower for irregularities, damaged bulbs, defects in the paint job or miss fixed stakings within the structure.

Natural disasters like earthquakes or spring tides typically bring multiple problems at once. In the case of natural catastrophes time is a relevant factor fighting against the forces of nature. birdpilot UAVs are well suited to support post-disaster information gathering on the degree of damage. Investigation of demolished buildings and infrastructure in the devasted area can be done rapidly.

Operating from above, our UAVs can survey sites and roofs of damaged buildings. Being independent of working infrastructure and access on the ground, birdpilot UAVs are way more efficient compared to conventional inspection instruments. Less personal together with no need for hoist equipment is required.

UAVs are entirely independent of the potentially demolished infrastructure, equipped with cameras and sensors, and controlled remotely. Their valuable contribution includes keeping humans out of the danger zone or at least limiting their risk exposure. Using UAVs enables you to get a picture of damages quickly, set priorities smart and bypass urgent problems easily and efficiently.

up to Pixel Accuracy
centimeters GPS accurate data
Minutes Flight Time


The precision of the gathered Data is critical, by taking the latest production method for birdpilot UAVs we can assure your a long life of birdpilot UAVs by having no lose of precision. The goal is to find the solution to suit your professional needs perfectly. Combining the latest UAV Technology with one of the best sensors on the Market available give you truly the best Tool in your Hands. With this remarkable combination of components makes it easy and save to use it in your professional work. Focusing on a smooth workflow with the highest possible Data quality and flexibility at once will be a change on the possibility given. The modular system what can be fitted in no time with a high-res Camera and in the next moment with a High-Res IR sensor or with a combination of highly accurate RTK-GPS in a single high efficient Multicopter.

birdpilot 3D Image sensing Unit Light

  • Position up to 1.5m SBAS CEP
  • PPP Algorithm with 1Hz
  • 3 Axes, direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) Fusion Algorithm for Acc, Mag and Gyro
  • Up to 0.5° heading accuracy
  • RTK GPS available for 2cm accurate data
  • available for RGB / IR / NDVI

birdpilot Photogrammetric cloud servuce

  • Accuracy up to 1.5 pixels
  • Point cloud density up to pixel value
  • Output point cloud available in *.PLY, *.LAS or ASCII Format
  • Change Detection
  • Volume Calculations
  • Customer Workflows

birdpilot exclusive

sometimes there is a need for make the existing more efficient and flexible to push the boundaries of the possible for that we have established the “birdpilot exclusive” service.

“birdpilot exclusive” is an service where a network of highly qualified engineers take on the challenge to make the impossible possible

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    birdpilot X-4 Multicopter

    In situations when insights are essential and information is key to suceed – time and money. Don´t waste time on recharging – explore the possibilities with the next generation unmanned aerial vehicles form birdpilot.

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    birdpilot X-8 Multicopter

    Most adaptive for challenging situations where there is the highest need for safety. Our compact Octocopter design gives you the flexibly where you need it the most.

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