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Mapping your cultivated area may have an enormous impact on your business by making decisions based on improved information and knowledge rather than probabilities. In the field of precision agriculture birdpilot UAVs can play a significant role. Unmanned Areal Vehicles allow you to gather real-time data on your crops, detect irregularities as early as possible, and take better decisions about using fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. Using predefined paths allows you to monitor crops regularly and observe dynamic progress in agriculture.

Furthermore, animal tracking is another task well suited to the capabilities of UAVs. That enables you to detect wild animals or pests that may cause damage to your crops. The gathered information supports you to create working strategies to optimise your business based on enduring intelligence.

In forestry birdpilot UAVs demonstrate great potential in monitoring, emergency response and protection. In case of fire or natural disaster spotting and mapping dimensions of fireplaces make sure you don´t miss valuable information. Up to date data and in-depth knowledge about destroyed infrastructure and possible access to the origin of the destruction can have massive benefits to set limits to the inferno. birdpilot UAVs allows fighting fire efficiently. Smart eyes in the sky put you in the position to make the best decisions based on real-time data.

“Doing the old in a new way – this is innovation.”

Joseph Schumpeter

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Each mission got its unique requirements. The goal is to find the solution to suit your professional needs perfectly. To give you the perfect fit all time on the latest UAV equipment our system is modular to make each mission success with easy.

birdpilot 3D Image Sensing Unit Light:

  • Position up to 1.5m SBAS CEP
  • PPP Algorithm with 1Hz
  • 3 Axes, direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) Fusion Algorithm for Acc, Mag and Gyro
  • Up to 0.5° heading accuracy
  • RTK GPS available for 2cm accurate data
  • available for RGB / IR / NDVI

birdpilot Photogrammetric Cloud Service:

  • Accuracy up to 1.5 pixels
  • Point cloud density up to pixel value
  • Output point cloud available in *.PLY, *.LAS or ASCII Format
  • Change Detection
  • Volume Calculations
  • Customer Workflows

birdpilot exclusive

sometimes there is a need for make the existing more efficient and flexible to push the boundaries of the possible for that we have established the “birdpilot exclusive” service.

“birdpilot exclusive” is an service where a network of highly qualified engineers take on the challenge to make the impossible possible

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    birdpilot X-4 Multicopter

    In situations when insights are essential and information is key to suceed – time and money. Don´t waste time on recharging – explore the possibilities with the next generation unmanned aerial vehicles form birdpilot.

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    birdpilot X-8 Multicopter

    Most adaptive for challenging situations where there is the highest need for safety. Our compact Octocopter design gives you the flexibly where you need it the most.

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    Cooperating with an extended network of experts in construction, specialists in the aviation business and photography, birdpilot combines the expertise and creativity from established companies and rising start-ups to force new ideas into the market.